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Diana Camera: West Philly

Photos from another roll in the Diana Camera. These were taken in West Philly for the Philadelphia Grid Project.  Also expired E6 film cross processed as C-41.




Diana Camera: center city Philadelphia

For those who don’t know, I have a huge collection of vintage cameras.  When I say huge, I mean at least 50.  When I say vintage, I mean built before 1980.  If you were born before 1980, then perhaps you are vintage, too.  That would include myself.

I started collecting them around 2002.  I haven’t spent over $8 on a single one of them.  I adore them.

My initial intentions were to run film through them.  The film isn’t made for many of these cameras anymore, but it’s sometimes possible to use modern day film after making some modifications and/or respooling film.

Upon going through some of my stuff recently, I found that some of the cameras have film in them that I never finished.  So I’m in the process of finishing off those rolls of film and starting some new ones.

This first bunch was taken with a Diana Camera, which was produced in the early 1960s in Hong Kong by a company called the Great Wall Plastic Factory.  It takes 120 film, which can still be purchased today.  The images below were taken on expired E6 slide film and cross processed as C-41 color negative film.  When I took these, I forgot to switch over the bulb lever that is used for long exposures….hence the reason for the blurry photos.  But I kinda like these.  They were taken in center city Philadelphia.

I am more than grateful to accept any donations of old cameras and film! :)  Enjoy!