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She is resting

My grandma passed away yesterday.  She was 82 years old and has had Alzheimer’s for at least 3 years now.  My grandpa has taken care of her everyday during those years - sitting next to her to hold her hand when she cries, getting her dressed in the morning, feeding her and giving her the medication that she needs, and doing whatever is necessary to sustain her life.

I was in NYC on Tuesday when I got the call that she was not well.  I tried to get back to Philly as soon as possible and drove out to see her yesterday, but I didn’t make it in time to see her alive. This event has been a long time coming.  It doesn’t make it any easier and we’re all still very sad, but it’s also good to know that she is not suffering anymore.  The most difficult part has been seeing my grandpa through this because it is most difficult for him.  He has been a saint through all of this.

Many thanks to all of you, my friends and family, who have sent your condolences to myself and the family.  They are warming and much appreciated.