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Full Sturgeon Moon


Today is a Full Sturgeon Moon.  I was unaware that every full moon has a name that originates from Native Americans. The Native Americans gave each full moon a name so that they could keep track of the seasons.   

So why a sturgeon moon?  Because the sturgeon were most plentiful for the Great Lakes tribes around this time of the year.

In September, there will be the Full Harvest Moon.




Tiffany in Philadelphia

Today my adventures landed me at the Curtis Center here in Philadelphia.  The building was historically the home of the Curtis Publishing Company, which was well known for publishing Ladies’ Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post, among others.  But little did I know that the interior of this building is so grand.  The offices in the building lie on the outer edges of every floor and the huge court on the main floor has a cathedral ceiling that extends up to the skylit roof.  Obviously, it’s had some remodeling, but it’s still pretty magnificent. I was overwhelmed with the interior that I forgot to take a photo of the exterior.  Next time.


Little did I know that also within the Curtis Building resides a huge Tiffany mosaic piece entitled “Dream Garden.”  It was designed by artist Maxfield Parrish and executed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Studiosin 1916.  it measures 15  x 49 feet.  It uses over 100,000 pieces of favrile glass that were each hand-fired in each of the 260 colors.  I’ve lived in Philadelphia for about 14 years and had no idea that this was even here.  It is huge and amazing and I highly recommend checking it out if you live or visit Philadelphia.  Read more about the piece here.  The Curtis Building is on the corner of 6th & Walnut.  The entrance with the Tiffany piece is on 6th Street.