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Share your meal and help the hungry!

I just recently discovered run by a few great people here in Philadelphia.  While many of us take in the luxury of dining out…or even dining in our nice warm homes, someone else isn’t as lucky and is going hungry.


You can help to make a difference in the lives of those going hungry in southeastern Pennsylvania when you are savoring your own food.  Create an account on  When you’re dining on scrumptious yumminess, go ahead and snap a photo of your meal with your fancy little phone.  Email that photo to the designated email address provided through shareurmeal or simply upload it directly to the site with a caption that describes the meal.  For this small fraction of your time, a sponsor will dedicate $1 for every meal posted to United Way’s LIVE UNITED: Food for Thought initiative, which is a campaign to beat rising hunger in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  And you don’t need to live in Pennsylvania to do this, but know that you are helping someone through this one small task.

I can only hope that others throughout the country and the world catch on to create great social change in the simplest of ways such as this.  Thanksgiving in the US is right around the corner.  So when you’re chowing down on your dead animal, think about the number of people that it could have fed or the people who don’t even have the luxury of doing the same with their family and friends.  Instead, they’re digging your turkey scraps out of the dumpster the day after Thanksgiving.

Today I had these amazing huevos rancheros at Sabrina’s Cafe in South Philly, I posted the photo to shareurmeal and Drexel University donated a $1 to the cause. Now it’s your turn.  So pass it forward!



The Work is Up!

I recently wrote about the art exhibit at Fleisher Art Memorial where I will have my woodcut pieces.  I was able to exhibit two pieces: a proof print of my Philadelphia scene (not for sale) and there’s an edition print of the motel woodcut.  I am printing 50 editions of this woodcut.  The first of the editions is on display and available for purchase at the Fleisher Art exhibit now through April 25.



Fleisher Art Exhibit

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I’ve been taking a woodcut workshop at Fleisher Art Memorialin south Philly for two semesters now.  Fleisher holds an annual student members exhibit for students and their teachers.  Many works that were completed during the the classes will be on display and many will be for sale.  I will have some of my work on display from April 10-25.  I am hoping to display my proof prints in addition to at least one or two edition prints that will be for sale.


I have started to make the edition prints of one of my woodcuts.  I haven’t decided exactly how many editions will be in the series, but it’s possible that this may be the only black ink series (future editions may be only tri-colored).  They will be printed on archival 8×10 paper, numbered, and signed.  One of these will be on display in the exhibit.  Price hasn’t been determined yet, but I plan to keep the price of the prints affordable.  So if you’d like one, please let me know!  I will also have them available on etsy at some point in the future.

This is a proof of the woodcut print that will be available in an edition series and on display at Fleisher, April 10-25.  I have previously blogged about this woodcut print here.