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Night Light, Part 2


Some more photos from my light painting adventure in July…


I’ve received a few emails asking how this was done, directions how to do it, etc etc.  The technique is called “light painting” and dates back several decades to some name-worthy pioneers of photography.  It is done by essentially doing just that: painting with light.

A light source (such as a flash, flashlight, glow sticks, etc.) is used as your “tool” to paint.  The various colors are created by using colored gels over the light source.

Each image was created in one long, single exposure.  These were not done in Photoshop, but in my camera.  Color correction and slight touch-ups on detail are the only post-processing techniques that I used for these.  (I do minimal post-processing work on all of my photos and prefer to get them correct in the camera.)

I had done light painting in the past, but not to this extent.  These photos had me pulling my hair out of frustration.  I don’t recall ever being as frustrated with photography as I was while doing these and I can assure you that it wasn’t easy.  In fact, it was some of the most difficult photography I’ve ever done.  Nevertheless, I stuck with it and now I am hooked!  Expect more in the future!




Moving to Portland


Perhaps most of you know that I was hanging out in LA for a while…jumping around temporary places (three in six months).  LA is not for me.  I couldn’t connect to the wavelength of the city itself, the people, the artistic community, and definitely not the pricetag associated with what I can only describe as “a headache”.  I knew that I wanted to leave LA, but I didn’t want to go back to the east coast.  I’ve always wondered if I would like living in Portland, Oregon.  So I decided that there’s no time like the present to find out.  And no more temporary places.  This is the real deal and I am getting my own place.


So I left LA last week.  I visited Redwoods National Park and the state parks associated with the redwoods along the 101.  I had never been to that area and it was beautiful, magical, and tranquil.  I went on a few hikes, but Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State park was my favorite.  Apparently they filmed the famous ewok scene and scenes from Jurassic park there.  But all fame aside, the place is just amazing.  I am posting photos from that particular area in this post.

I stopped in Eugene to visit a good friend there.  I then drove to Portland and arrived on Saturday and met up with friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.  

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip home to Pennsylvania, but will be rescheduling that.  When I come back to Portland, I will begin the hunt for my own new home!  I am very excited about moving to Portland.  I have faith that this city holds everything that I have been wanting in a place to call my own home.  I even have a photo studio lined up with a few friends.  So when it’s raining outside, I’ll just sit under my warm studio lights and pretend that I’m on a tropical beach.

Anyway, more photos to come, but here are photos from Fern Canyon for now.