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Day 2: The Drive to Maine

I hardly got any sleep last night. The people in the room next door were really noisy well into 3am…and then again at 7am. I drove across Massachusetts, stopping at a Target to get bug spray and (forgotten) socks. I got stuck in three traffic jams, which delayed my time getting out of Massachusetts. It was a quick drive through New Hampshire and then finally I made it to Maine! I have to say that my rental car has been getting awesome gas mileage.I jumped onto Route 1 soon into Maine. My first view of the Maine coastline was York Beach…


…and then onto see the Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick. I passed a super awesome campground right along the water in Cape Neddick. I would have loved to have stayed there, but I figured that it was in my best interest to work my way further up the coast so that I can make it to Acadia. I knew I wasn’t going to make it there today.


I drove along the coast and through some other coastal towns including Kennebunkport. As the day went on, I decided that maybe I should get on the highway and go to Portland. I went to see the Portland Head Light at sunset.


When I arrived, there was a red fox running around in the park. It was the second red fox I had seen today. It was playing in the grass for a little while. So frickin cute! Then it ran almost right past me to grab a dead groundhog and ran away.

I was going to leave and go look for a place to stay for the night before it got dark, but ended up chatting with a woman named Suzanne from Atlanta who was driving around Maine to check out the lighthouses. We both decided to go check out the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, which was also nearby.


It was getting dark and we decided to get some food together at the seafood joint next door. I had a lobster roll and it was tasty! She was heading north tonight for another two hours and at this point, I still had not found a place to stay. I was hoping to camp tonight, but since it was already dark, that was out of the question. I decided to head north where hotels were cheaper. So I’m staying in Freeport, ME. I got to see lighthouse beacons at night tonight and that was really cool.I checked out today to see the forecast for Acadia and Bar Harbor. When I looked the other day, the forecast looked amazing. 

Now it looks like crap. Rain, rain…every frickin day for like the next week. Talk about raining on my parade! This could definitely put a damper on my idea to camp in Acadia. Glad I brought my rain jacket and pants! Now wishing I would have brought my waterproof boots, too. Crap. Oh well.All I have to say is that I fell in love with Maine the minute I saw the lighthouse and rocky shoreline. It looks like someone transplanted the lovely central coast of California here on the east coast….within driving distance from home. Why haven’t I been here before? It is gorgeous. The ocean water is crystal clear and I saw scuba divers on a couple occasions today. And it’s amazing how deep in the water you could see!I can’t wait to get to Acadia. All I know is that if Maine didn’t get so cold in the winter, I would move here in a heartbeat.