I just recently redid the design of my website. So if you haven't had a chance to visit it lately, please do so! I have just included a lot more work that I have completed so far this year. I have been creating a lot and have had some works in local York County galleries (more about that soon).

I have been a photographer for most of my life as an artist, but upon moving back to the east coast in 2015, I have been pushing myself in the direction of other visual arts. I am not giving up on photography, but taking the time to explore and learn other mediums.

We, as artists, are our own worst critics because we strive for what we believe to be "perfection". Take note: don't be perfect. Trying to be perfect is setting yourself up for your own personal failure. That view also follows us through in life. When we seek perfection, we not only see the flaws in ourselves but in other people as well. 

I have learned SO MUCH in these last couple of years and that learning is what drives my creative momentum. I create everyday and I urge all artists to do the same. What you create does not need to be perfect. It might be the biggest piece of crap you've ever created. However, that creative thought process is what leads us to create something that is great and allows us to keep the creative momentum going. It is the process of creating every time that is more important to keep your passion alive than having a perfect final result every time.