For those who didn't know, I relocated to Pennsylvania a little over a month ago after living in Portland, Oregon for four years. The move was very bittersweet; I didn't want to leave Oregon, but I also felt that I needed to move back to my home in Pennsylvania for a variety of reasons. I am now living in south central Pennsylvania, in the small town of Mount Wolf where I grew up. (Coincidentally, it is also the hometown where our new governor, Tom Wolf, lives.) It has been nice to live close to my family for the first time in over 20 years, though it's a bit of a culture shock living in this part of Pennsylvania.

Admittedly, I'm not feeling as photographically inspired with the landscapes here as I was in the Pacific Northwest....where every corner was a magical paradise and you expected to see rainbows and unicorns. Perhaps I will eventually find my kick again...or perhaps a new niche. I have ventured out a few times now when there has been "weather". We have had two snowfalls and a number of foggy days (I always love fog!). 

While I have not been doing too much photography, I have been painting with watercolors again and doing quite a bit of knitting. 

Anyway, we had the largest snowfall of the season last night so I ventured out for a little drive today to capture some photos. One is featured above.