Mount St. Helens is one of my favorite spots in the area...specifically the south side.  Today was my first visit to Windy Ridge, which is the closest you can get to the crater by road. 

The road is called Windy the weather, but the road also snaked along with many switchbacks so my friend and I debated where the name really originated.  In many spots, one side of the road was crumbling into nowhere, which forced us to drive on the other side of the road.  I've been on some snaking roads that left my stomach a bit weary in the past, but this was another experience.  The trip to get there and back from Portland was quite long (3 hours each way) for a day trip.

There were many sights that I had not yet seen on Mount St. Helens including this stand of "ghost trees" that still remain standing from the 1980 eruption. It was an eerie, beautiful sight!