I just returned from spending a couple of days in the Bend, Oregon area. I took some time to enjoy the drive there and spotted this amazing abandoned house along the way.


I waited until the last minute to find a campground where I could camp and I forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend.  oops!  I found a campground south of Bend near Lava Butte National Monument.  


The campground left a lot to be desired and it was a downpour the entire time (a rare occurrence in Oregon, where the rain is often a mist or drizzle).  On this trip, I met a guy and his father who were taking a whirlwind trip of western Oregon.  We sat around my campfire on a rainy night, chatting and drinking wine.  It made my rainy night of solo camping more entertaining.

I had gone there to see the band Sigur Ros from Iceland performing at an amphitheater in downtown Bend.  The band was so amazing live and I hope to see them again in the near future.