One of the closest camping areas on the Oregon coast that I like to visit is Cape Lookout State Park.  Cape Lookout is just west of Tillamook (so you can pick up some cheese on your way there!).  I stopped to give these cute Jersey cows a pet instead.



Cape Lookout is the middle brother of the infamous Three Capes Scenic Loop (which includes Capes Meares, Lookout, and Kiwanda).  This is the only one of those three that offers camping year round.  

I had camped here last year during the summer in the more open areas right along the beach.  Because of the weather, those spots weren't available so I had to settle for a spot in the forest.  Oh the tragedy of being surrounding by beauty.

This was a spontaneous adventure and I arrived around 11pm.  I chose a spot and threw up my tent in the rain by way of my car's headlights.  It poured that night and I really thought that my tent was going to wash away.  But I made it through the night.

I didn't know what my campsite looked like when I arrived, but I woke to found I was nestled in a lush forest covered with moss.  Sounds like the Pacific Northwest, right?   


The fog was rolling in from the ocean and it's one of my favorite types of weather.  Add fog to anything and it makes a scene pretty spectacular as far as I'm concerned!   I made a stop at the head of the Cape Lookout trail, which was a pretty epic scene in itself.


I wandered along the beach for a while and found some wooden pieces to a structure that I can only assume is debris from the Japan Tsunami.  Debris had washed up on the beach at Cape Lookout just last week from a Japanese temple.


I discovered a huge patch of skunk cabbage!  As you may know, skunk cabbage can be pretty stinky, but when they're blooming in the springtime, they can be quite beautiful!  This patch exists in a coastal forest that had been previously effected by a forest fire.  It's possible that these skunk cabbage thrive in that environment.  Something in the soil is making them a bunch of happy little plants! 


And yes that's me sporting a red Solo cup of wine for my little walk.