Last week I was in St. George, Utah for Red Rockalypse 5, an annual istockphoto event held every year in southern Utah.  I love southern Utah.  It is one of my favorite parts of the country because it is so picturesque, colorful, and quiet.  But this was my first time attending one of the RR events.  We shot in a few locations and had access to quite a few models.  I was mostly there to see friends and meet up with new ones from all around the world, but happy with the photos that I captured.  We had a great time even if it was in the 90s and very dry everyday.  My little body isn’t acclimated to the desert climate anymore!


In addition to the locations that we visited during the event, I also visited Zion National Park for the third time.  I hadn’t been there in about 9 years and it has changed a bit.  Public access by car is limited within the park now and there’s a tunnel and a shuttle to take you to various locations.  I don’t remember these things being there in the past, but maybe my memory is failing me!

I also visited the ghost town of Grafton, Utah that was first settled in 1859 and is now preserved through a heritage partnership.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were filmed on location in 1969.

Here are some of my images from the istock event, Zion, and Grafton.