As I had written a couple of weeks ago, I am moving out of Philly. I will be moving out in two weeks.  After I take care of some necessities, I am taking road trip across the southern US to visit some friends.  I will ultimately end up in Los Angeles where I am meeting up with one of my best friends.  We’re renting a place there for a little while and going to explore (and re-explore) many places in California.

So I’ve been busy packing up my most prized possessions and tying up loose ends here in Philly.  I’m a bit stressed out because I have so much to do in the next two weeks. But I am happy to get out of Philly.  I knew it was time to leave when I got a parking ticket the other day in a place where they had just added new “no stopping” signs.  Surely, it’s time for a big change and a new chapter in my life.

Perhaps my next blog post will be from the road in somewhere, USA.  Until then…