The Phillies are doing pretty darn good again this year!  That is all I will say to prevent from jinxing their future.

I went to my first game of the season on Monday night.  They were playing the Chicago Cubs.  I was with a group of people and while we did have nosebleed seats, they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be considering we were 3 rows from the very top.  I still had fun, though the energy of the crowd wasn’t as exciting as it was when I had a closer seat in the past.  But then again, that was last year when the Phillies were close to going to the playoffs.  However, I got to see 3 home runs on Monday and that was awesome!  AND the Phillies won 10-1 so it was a pretty darn good game.  Jack Nicholson was there….wearing a Yankees hat.