Just a couple of woodcuts that I’ve been working on…these are the blocks; not the prints.  But the prints will look similar.  Both based off of my photographs.  Pardon the bad camera phone photos in this post!

Chinatown, Philadelphia.  This block was created in about 3 hours.  The sky was created from the woodgrain and a knot in the block.  All of it was primarily cut with a razor blade with the exception of a few things cut with a couple other tools.  After a few more proofs, this one will be ready for edition prints.


Liberty Place, Philadelphia.  This block was created months ago on a piece of wood that is not white pine (which my others had been).  I don’t know what this wood is, but it’s incredibly fibrous and impossible to cut with anything other than a razor blade.  So this was all cut with a razor blade.  I just got around to making a proof of it tonight, but I think that I like the look of the block better!  However, I’ve decided that I want to add more detail to the foreground building and something to the sky (undecided at this point).  I may also print this one in 2 or 3 color.  It’s all up in the air right now.