I recently had the pleasure of doing photos for Kristina Coia for the third year in a row. Every time I do a returning photo shoot with a previous model, the shots get better and better each time. Kristi had an idea in mind with the style of shots that she wanted…and the ideas in my head seemed to merge right into that. The shoot went very well and we got so many amazing shots!

Kristi is a teenager from the Jersey suburbs of Philly. For years, she’s been writing fairy tale adventure books for young girls, acting, dancing, and singing in musicals, plays, and other theatrical performances, as well as writing, singing, and performing her own music. She’s also the founder of a character development program for girls called Shine Through. Through sharing her own experiences and challenges as a teenage girl, she presents positive values and morals to young girls in grades 5 through 8. It allows them to relate to a peer and ask questions and talk about things that they would not be able to ask an adult. Kristi travels throughout the country in this interactive program and has also been interviewed for various tv shows.

Visit Kristi’s website to read more about her, purchase her books, or to have her come to visit your organization or neighborhood! And check out the youtube video from her interview on Fox News Philadelphia last year!