In February 2007, I did a photo shoot in a small apartment in center city with my friends. We wrangled up some models from various sources who we hadn’t worked with in the past. One of the models was a guy named Rommel who I was really excited about working with because he seemed to exhibit a lot of character on camera.


Well it just so happens that he is one of the contestants on the new NBC reality show called America’s Toughest Jobs which premieres this coming Monday, August 25 at 9/8central! Produced by the same people who did Deadliest Catch, Ax Man, and Ice Road Truckers. Be sure to check out one of the previews here and Rommel’s introductory video.

Check out his profile on the Toughest Jobs website and be sure to watch the show on Monday!! yay Rommel! So happy for you, buddy! My models rock!