I’ve photographed people of all age groups in the studio and outside, but children are the biggest challenge…by far. I have incredible respect for child photographers who do studio shots for a living. I’d probably go crazy. It’s not like an adult model because you can’t give them direction; they do the exact opposite. Even pets listen better to direction on photo shoots! So when it comes to photo shoots with kids: they’re in control of the shoot and there’s no doubt about that. Forget about working out at the gym that day; you’ll get your workout on the photo shoot. Another perk: good birth control.

Anyway…don’t get me wrong…I love doing photo shoots with kids or I wouldn’t be doing them. I let them do their thing and I run around chasing them to get the shots. I’d imagine that it’s probably a pretty funny sight to the passerby. I like to candidly capture their random energy, curiosity, and goofiness. Doing the photo shoot and then looking at the photos afterwards really awakens something inside of me. Their expressions and actions are genuine. They’re not trying to impress anyone and they don’t give a crap about how they look on the camera. They’re just pure, raw, and full of life.