I wrote about the adventure to Centralia last weekend. After Centralia, we briefly explored the town of Shamokin (which was NOT shamokin like Centralia was), another coal mining town in central PA. As we drove back to Philly, we took a slight detour to check out the very rural area of Kempton, near Hawk MountainSteve was sharing a spooky ghost story on the way there. Apparently, serial killer Matthias Schambacher and his wife had rented rooms in their house as a wayside inn to travelers. Rumors began to circulate that guests who had entered their house were never seen again.

Although his gravestone is now gone, Matthias Schambacher is buried in the supposedly haunted New Bethel Cemetery. We saw the general location of where he is buried, along with many other gravestones dating as far back as the mid-1700s on one side of the cemetery. The other side of the cemetery has recent gravestones and burials as recent as a few days prior to our visit.

The location of the cemetery was an absolutely stunning view from a hillside that overlooked the church and the valley. We were there at sunset and the weather seemed to make it a bit eerie, in my opinion…even though Steve kept trying to convince us that it was a peaceful place. Even a killdeer seemed be trying to give us a warning to leave the place. ghosts!!