A few years ago, I did some photography for Natural Lands Trust and visited a good number of their preserves. Since then, they’ve added some new ones to the southeastern PA region and southern New Jersey. I’ve always liked to visit the Hildacy Farm Preserve in Media because it’s a short drive and a nice escape. I’ve always managed to capture photos of some really interesting insects there.


It was such a lovely day outside yesterday so I decided to go for a drive and visit the site since I haven’t been there yet this year. It was quite buggy, but that’s why we wear bug spray.

I saw some really interesting species that I’ve never seen before. However, I’ve concluded that I don’t have the steady hand like I did in the past and as a result, a good number of my hand held macro photos come out blurry now. Quite a bummer. It’s difficult to photograph insects and photographing them with a tripod is pretty much impossible depending on the species. With dragonflies, butterflies, and damselflies, you’re lucky if you can be stealthy enough to get a shot at all. So maybe I gained stealth and lost my steady hand.

Pennsylvania firefly (Photuris pennsylvanicus)


Ladybug pupa (species unknown)


Green bottle fly (Phaenicia sericata