Today I drove to Mt. Desert Island. I decided that I was going to camp tonight. I got a campsite at Bass Harbor Campground, about a 10 minute walk from Bass Harbor Lighthouse. I set up my tent and everything I’d need and then decided to go get some food. I was starving after not having any lunch.

The guys at the campground recommended a lobster pound in Bernard calledThurston’s. I’d only eaten lobster like 3 times in my life. The first time was in Bar Harbor, Maine when I was too young to remember. Anyway, I got a fresh huge ass lobster, but had no idea what to eat. So I asked some guys sitting next to me what were the good and bad parts to eat. The one guy came over and gave me a pro lesson on how to shell, clean, and eat a lobster. I love eating crabs, but this seemed a bit different. What I do know is that the lobster was damn good.  

I chatted it up for a bit with them and another guy sitting nearby. And then I talked to some people from Florida. And then some people from Ohio. It’s funny how I can spend months in Philly and go places and no one will speak a word to me. I go on vacation and people are always chatting it up. I don’t know if it’s because everyone is on vacation, if I’m some random girl who looks lonely in some tourist spot, or if the people in these places are just friendlier. It’s probably combination of all three. Anyway, I had a blast there just talking to the people.

I went to Bass Harbor Head Light afterwards, but it was sunset and not the best lighting for photographing it. So I’ll go back tomorrow morning if I can.  The trail to get there was pretty cool!

I decided that my sweet tooth was calling. I hadn’t had any sweet goodies for quite a while so I decided to treat myself to some ice cream. Met some people from Hershey, PA there.

Back at the campground now, which I have to say is really nice…and only $20 a night! They also have free wifi. There were some mosquitoes today, but I wouldn’t say that they’re too bad. Tonight could prove to be a different story. It’s cold for camping…in the 50s. But I kinda like it this way. Anyway, excuse me now while I go start a campfire and relax like it’s my vacation….