The heat was horrible in the last week. Even with my A/C unit running, my apartment was sweltering hot. On Saturday, I thought that I was going to lose my mind for various reasons. I talked on the phone with a friend who just recently took a trip to Mt. Desert Island (Acadia National Park) with his girlfriend. After hearing about Maine from about four people in the last month and yearning to go….I suddenly felt as though I needed to go right now. And go, I would.

The unfortunate thing is that the air conditioner in my car had broken and I needed to take a rental car. Well, after three ridiculous futile attempts to get a rental car, I decided that maybe it was a sign that I shouldn’t go. I was frustrated and decided that I’d get my own car fixed and then decide what to do. So Monday morning, I drove my car out to a VW dealer in the suburbs. They weren’t sure if they could look at it that day, but were going to try. They tried…and the machine to check my air conditioner broke just before they could check it. Lovely. Just my luck. So then I drove it to another dealer not too far away. They would look at it on Tuesday. They called me on Tuesday and informed me that it was an electrical problem and they needed to order the part, which would be in on Friday….3 days later….postponing my trip even longer. But then there was hope! The wonderful VW rep suggested that I could rent a car from them at a very inexpensive price. Aha! So to make a long story even longer…

Today I took the train to the suburbs where a VW courtesy car picked me up. Not just any courtesy car, but a brand new shiny Volkswagen GTI. I got to drive it. I’d never driven a turbo car before and it was fun! It made me briefly want a new car…until I remembered how nice it is to not have a car payment. We returned to the VW dealer where I got my rental car. It was not a fancy turbo GTI, but a Toyota Yaris. Not that I’m complaining. It will get good gas mileage, which is key for my trip.

Upon my return home, I took care of some last minute things, prepared my cat, and we were on our way. I drove out to my parents’ house because my cat is staying with them while I’m gone. He really likes it at their house and it’s cooler here for him. Besides, last week he had to go to the vet for a sore eye. Poor little buddy. He seems to be ok now.

Last week, I did something impulsive and bought a Nintendo Wii with the Wii Fit. I don’t know why I bought it, but I did. I do have to admit that it is fun…and the Wii Fit is definitely a workout. Well, I brought it for my parents to use while I’m away. They laughed their asses off at me trying to hula hoop my ass away tonight, but I didn’t get to see them do the same–not fair! However, I can see that they’re going to become addicts and they’ll have a Wii of their own and like 10 new games by the time I get back.

Anyway, I leave tomorrow morning. The route that I plan to take goes north through central Pennsylvania and New York so I will see a lot of territory that I haven’t seen before…a bit different than the drive north out of Philadelphia, which I’ve seen on a few occasions now. My ultimate destination is Maine, although I hope to stop in New Hampshire at some point during my trip. I don’t plan to drive the whole distance to Maine in one day. I’m intending to camp for most of the trip. Nothing is planned, there’s no itinerary….I’m just going with the flow and whatever happens, happens…and that’s exactly the way I like it.