In an attempt to escape the city today, we did not escape the rain. I had been wanting to check out Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge for a while now. There don’t seem to be many trails throughout the Refuge and the available maps are pretty much nil. Before realizing the correct direction to the Refuge, we stumbled upon Fort Mott State Park. Fort Mott was built in post Civil War times as part of a three-fort defense system along the Delaware River. The Fort (along with the other two, Fort Delaware and Fort DuPont) became obsolete shortly after World War I. You could only explore one of the bunkers at Fort Mott, but the structure itself was pretty cool. It started to rain again so we decided to head for the car and try to find Supawna Meadows. We took a short walk through the Refuge and very little photos. But for being under 40 miles outside of Philadelphia (in New Jersey), it was a nice escape for the day.