I was intending to make a post yesterday on Earth Day, but it didn’t happen. So I will make it today!

Way back in October, I had posted the announcement that I was going to write about macro photography tips and tricks. Well, I never really got around to doing much macro photography. But now it’s spring and everything is blooming, the trees are growing their leaves, wildlife is emerging, and we’re surrounded by nature. I love the springtime and it’s my favorite season in this part of the country…or any part of the country for that matter! I figure that there would be no better time to start this series than now when many of you are going to be going outside to take photos. Of course, I’ll also eventually get around to sharing information on macro photography in the studio as well.

I could write hundreds of articles on the various aspects of macro photography, but I figure that I’ll just go with the flow and write articles based on my own experiences…while also taking into account some of the questions that you have had for me. So stay tuned!