On the day that my flight got back into Pennsylvania, I took my family out for breakfast. It’s been a long time since we’ve all done that. My dad and I spent a good deal of time driving around to a bunch of places near our house checking out things that I could photograph. We first stopped by the old cemetery where some of our ancestors are buried. The cemetery is in a patch of woods and was covered with overgrown weeds, but my dad and some other people in our family have cleaned it all up and removed the weeds, found and fixed the broken tombstones, and did research to find out who the people were. There’s one little boy buried there who was 12 years old and was a drummer in the war of 1812. In the photos below, his stone is the one with the flag.

The cemetery is located on a farm and overlooks a huge field. There were some pretty horses and a neat old barn. The sky looked so cool. I like when the sky looks all stormy, but there’s sun shining through to light up the landscape. This was also when we discovered that we had ticks on us. Man, I hate ticks.

Then we went to visit an old abandoned mill. Part of the mill is being torn down and other parts of it are being reconstructed to look as it did when it was first built.  Then we headed to an abandoned flint mill that was also nearby.  

There’s a school house where my grandparents and my dad went to school. It’s a really cool building, but it’s starting to get in really bad shape.  

Then we went for a drive to a spot that overlooks the Susquehanna River and some other really cool locations before we called it a day.