I left Morro Bay in the morning.  I didn’t sleep to well due to numerous trips to the bathroom, kids laughing and yeling at 2am in the campground, etc etc.  It was cold, but I stayed pretty warm in my sleeping bag.  But I seem to have developed a rash all over my arms and legs…possibly from the antibiotic that I was prescribed.  I stuck it out and hoped it would go away.

Though I love the central coast in all its beauty, I was starting to get fed up with the colder weather and looking forward to the warm weather in the desert.  I drove for 6 hours…through rolling green hills, hills covered with wildflowers, through the San Joaquin Valley orchards and farms, through the Chevron oil pumps, and finally onto Route 58 that leads to the desert….through Tehachapi with the wind generators, past Edward’s Air Force Base, and the airplane graveyard in Mojave.

I stopped at a rest area where there were only restrooms…and this little brown van selling espresso and coffee…in the middle of the desert.  I talked to them for a while.  I bought some hot tea from the Cruzin’ Coffee truck and then hit the road again.

I stopped at Four Corners where Route 58 meets 395 and took some photos of an abandoned hotel.

I arrived in the Barstow area and decided to drive around for a while scoping things out and seeing what has changed.  Let me just say that there’s a Home Depot now!  I stopped and took some photos of more abandoned places before I decided that it was time to find a place to sleep for the night.

I thought about staying at another campground, but really wanted to be close to a bathroom and have a good night’s sleep and a hot shower.  So I stopped by a Motel 6 where I thought I found a bargain room for $37/night.  I should have known better.  When I got to my room, it looked like the bed had been slept in, the towels didn’t look clean, the sink was dirty, there were dead bugs floating in the toilet, but the icing on the cake that made me leave was finding hairs scattered throughout the room.  Not to mention that there seemed to be sketchy characters lingering around.  So I went to a hotel down the street that I knew was good and I had stayed at in the past.

The whole hospital ordeal really seemed to rain on my parade for this trip.  It is such an inconvenience to have to always be close to a bathroom.  And let me tell you that it ain’t fun when you’re driving around in the desert where there are no bathrooms.  Anyway, I relaxed in my room, contemplated what I’m going to do about the rest of my trip, looked at some photos….while I also felt an earthquake.  I wasn’t sure if it was one or the building shaking and there was no data on USGS for it until yesterday.  It was a small 1.2 (according to USGS)…not very strong, but I did feel it.

The rash still hadn’t gone away and I was itchy.  I decided that I was going to stop taking the prescription and call my Philly doctor the next day for a new prescription.