My first night of camping in the back of my car was not fun. Although I am small, the car is not big enough with the seats down. And when they’re down, they’re on a slope. I bought some foam to sleep on (I have my sleeping bag along, too). But I woke up with a sore back….and incredible fog! Although I didn’t get a photo of the amazing view from my campsite, this was my campsite in the morning.

I was intending on heading down to the desert…took Route 46, which goes through the hills and valleys…through many of the vineyards of Paso Robles. It was gorgeous. I realized that there was no way that I could leave the central coast yet. Nor did I really feel up for a 6 hour drive.

I reached the 101 and grabbed some lunch. I also made a trip to pick up a tent because this car camping thing was not going to work out. Since I had decided that I wasn’t going to leave, I decided to revisit Mission San Miguel, which was just north of where I was. The mission is undergoing renovations so not as much was accessible to the public as it had been when I had visited several years ago. Nevertheless, still beautiful.

Then it was time to find a place to stay for the night. I had already stayed in the Cambria area for two nights so decided to go a little further south to Morro Bay. I had looked into a few campgrounds in the area. I ended up staying at an RV park that was about 200 feet from the beach! It was lovely. Here is the view from outside of the RV park and an opposing view of the beach, facing the RV park. I had free wifi at the campground and it made me laugh that I could sit in my tent and be online.  

After I had my tent all set up, I wandered to go get some dinner. On the way, I found a couple of sea otters that were mating. And then a couple of more. It’s a crappy shot and doesn’t do the justice of how cute they really are!