So that night I mentioned in my previous post....Went to sleep around 9:30. Around 10, I started to have insane pain on my inside parts. Possibly another kidney stone. All I know is that I spent 4 hours praying that the pain would go away and hoping that I'm not waking up the family from numerous trips to the bathroom. At 2:30am, I knew that the only person who might possibly be awake is my cousin. After a text message, she convinced me that I needed to wake someone up and go to the hospital before it got worse (if that was even possible at this point). So I woke up Andy and Melanie and then jumped in my car, headed for the ER. Thank goodness I bought that GPS! I never would have found the hospital without it.

I was seen almost immediately, they did some tests and concluded that I did not have a kidney stone but a really bad bladder infection of sorts. They gave me a shot in the ass with some heavy duty antibiotic for the worst of infections, and some pain medication.

An hour and a half later, I was out of there. I drove around with the goal of finding a 24 hour pharmacy to fill my prescription. Not a chance. Nothing was open. But a donut shop was open so I stopped in to grab two donuts. After deciding that I wasn't going to go back and wake up the family, I found a grocery store parking lot where I curled up in the backseat of my rental car with my sleeping bag for 2 hours before Andy called me. They were awake so I went back and slept for a few hours. I had to go out to get gas in my car and get my prescription filled. On the way back, I decided to photograph an abandoned Drive-In theater.

I felt tired and groggy for the day, but I needed to get up the coast. I had made a reservation at a hotel for the night and man, was I happy about that. It had a fireplace, a couch, a huge bathroom, and a king size bed and was along the beach. I took full advantage of everything that night. I started to feel quite a bit better.