Went to a wedding at the Pepperdine University chapel. Lovely building, lovely wedding. The reception was in someone’s backyard in Malibu. We arrived at the house and it was incredibly cold and windy. Being that I’m an east coaster, you’d think I could handle it, but we were all huddled up on a couch in front of the outdoor fireplace. We should have played a few rounds of golf on the outdoor putting green to warm ourselves up. Instead, we left and went to Taco Bell. Yes, we ditched delicious wedding food in Malibu for Taco Bell. It was unbearably cold.

Later that evening, we went to an Irish themed house party with LOTS of delicious food. mmmm food. Everyone was incredibly nice and the hosts were very hospitable. One of the hosts had just won an Oscar for doing sound on The Bourne Ultimatum. She had also worked on a lot of other films including Memoirs of a Geisha and the recent Bucket List. I had a good time there, but we had more business to attend to! Next we went to a bar for someone’s birthday, but it became so incredibly crowded and loud. Then it was home to relax and sleep!

Anyway, here is a shot of the chapel interior. I apologize, but for some reason, all of the colors of my images seem to be diluted when I post them online. They’re much better than this!