So I flew out of the Harrisburg, PA airport yesterday. My flight was a bit delayed and I made it just in the knick of time to get my connecting flight at Dulles to LA. The plane was already loaded and ready to go when I boarded…with no overhead luggage space. Some guy was refusing to move his jacket so that I would have a space to stow my Pelican case of camera gear. I wanted to tell him that if he wanted a first class attitude, he should have bought a first class ticket, but I just smiled and he eventually moved it. Anyway, my flight got into LAX a whole hour early. Bags came out quickly and then it was off to get the rental car….after discovering that my bottle of water leaked all throughout my bag. yay. Anyway, I was really excited about my rental car. I’m generally not a fan of American cars, but I am renting a Dodge Caliber and I have to say that it’s probably one of the best cars that I could have gotten for my trip. Black…so I can roast in the desert heat. Hatchback so that I can put the back seats down and camp in my car when needed. Lots of little storage compartments. My luggage fits in the back just perfectly and has a cover to hide it away. And it gets decent gas mileage. The only thing that stinks about Dodge cars is that the interior lighting just sucks. Anyway, I’ll stop writing about it. I drove to meet up with my friend Jay who lives in Culver City, which is close to he airport. I’ve known Jay for almost 15 years; we went to Drexel together. He’s moving to Australia in 11 days. We were long overdue for some hanging out. We went for Thai and then for some beers. All and all, it was a fun night and I could not be happier right now.