My woodcut class is over for the semester.  That went by pretty quickly.  We had an awesome group of nice and creative people.  It makes me want to take it again, but I don’t know if I will.  I will definitely continue to make my own woodcuts.  I currently have two that I’ve finished cutting, but haven’t printed.  And I have another 3 blocks that I’m currently working on.  I plan to set up my own little printing area in my apartment.  My apartment where I already have so many other things from having too many interests.  It’s recently been described as “eclectic”, but I prefer to call it “messy”.

Someone in the class (Cynthia Miller) made a portrait of me!  I’m so flattered!  A photo of the portrait is below.

I’ve been sick for a couple of days with a nasty cold that I can’t seem to kick.  I’d rather just stay inside where it’s nice and warm and not rainy.  However, life must go on!  And on it does…tonight someone hit the mirror on my car door and tore it completely off…needing a replacement….assholes!  Nothing ever goes smoothly.  Ever.