I just wanted to give a big thank you to those of you who have called me, sent me emails or text messages during the last few rough weeks.  I’m hoping that the stream of unfortunate events is over.  It means a lot to have people who are caring and supportive.

Donna’s memorial service was this weekend.  As funerals go, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but that’s probably because I couldn’t cry any more than I already have. The eulogy by her sisters was the saddest thing in the world and brought back so many memories of the time I had spent with Donna and the cute and funny things about her.  There was a slideshow of photographs, a table of her favorite items and memoirs shared by other people, and a collection of videos that were her favorite.  Her sisters made a great mix of her favorite tunes to give to everyone…many of which she and I had shared as favorites.

Although I’ve known Donna for at least a couple of years, it was last year at a Morrissey concert when we really bonded.  After he started playing, a lot of people went rushing to the front and I was one of them.  A security guard stops a bunch of us and wouldn’t let us closer.  I felt a tap on my shoulder followed by an “Andi!”…it was Donna…standing right next to me.  Later, I grabbed her and practically broke her arm as we went hurdling over barriers to the front where we were only a few feet from Morrissey.  We cried because we were so happy.  It was a good night.  I still have that ticket stub.  We went to a lot of concerts, exchanged music, shared stories over dinner or just hanging out.  It also gives a whole new meaning when listening to some of my favorite bands (The Smiths, Morrissey, The Go-Betweens, Glen Hansard, and Smoking Popes).  I won’t be able to listen to them now without thinking of her.

Anyway, it was only appropriate to share Donna’s favorite things about the Smiths and Morrissey at her memorial service because they were also her favorite band.  I had never known anyone who loved them as much as Donna did.  The video below was shared during the service and seemed to bring a slight smile to everyone’s face, which is what Donna would have wanted.  It’s a clip from a British TV series called Blackpool.  It makes me laugh every time I watch it and thought I would share it.  We’ll always be thinking of you, Donna.