The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is located in south Philadelphia, by the airport. I’ve been there on numerous occasions for bird watching with friends, but it’s also a good location if I feel like getting out to do some macro photography without having to go very far. It’s pretty amazing that there’s actually a wildlife refuge within Philadelphia!

Macro photography is one of my favorite types of photography and something I’ve been doing since I began doing photography. There’s a big world out there just waiting to be discovered with a macro lens; things that you don’t see with the naked eye. I prefer to shoot plants and insects in the macro range, but over the years I’ve found an obsession love in photographing dead plants. I prefer to call it “necrofoliage”.

My recent visit to Tinicum yielded some pleasing photos…despite my annoyance with the Philadelphia residents who make their cell phone conversations known from a mile away…and the families that let their children run wild throughout the refuge and then yell for/at them from across the way…forgetting that there are people there who are trying to get a break from other people and city life. I guess you can’t expect to have everything!