I’ve developed quite a liking for photographing animals in the studio. However, it is definitely some of the most challenging photography that I’ve ever done. Animals generally aren’t of the posing type so test shots are pretty much out of the question so you have to get the lighting perfect from the get-go. You have to be fast with the focusing because they move around A LOT and it’s really difficult to get any part of their body in focus, let alone their eyes. They’re generally small so it’s difficult to position the key light in such a manner that you get a well-lit subject without blocking the light while also still letting them see their owner. I got about 15 minutes of shooting time with the cute and precious, Bella, before she was tuckered out from her model shoot. Nevertheless, I did manage to get about a dozen decent shots. Here are a few samples! Many thanks to my friend Mike for providing the great model!

If you have a pet that you’d like to be photographed, please drop me an email!