I’m not a fan of summer on the eastern seaboard, but I’ve been pleased that autumn is finally showing its face. The weather has been lovely…and perfect for doing nature photography at that! This past weekend I took advantage of the great weather and drove to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County, PA. It’s been over a year since I last visited Middle Creek, but the beauty of the area never fails to impress me. This day was no different. It’s a known place for birders throughout the region who frequent the area looking for migrants, rare birds, and the snow geese (that show up in the winter). Raptor migration is occurring right now so no matter where you go in this region, you’re likely to see large groups (kettles) of raptors in flight, almost invisible to the naked eye because they’re flying so high. Without even trying to look for raptors, I spotted about 5 kettles of raptors during my drive to and from the area. Anyway, the weather was perfect for getting some great landscape photos as well as macro.