One of my favorite things to photograph is textures and Philadelphia is a great place for it! I often scout the walls and sidewalks as though I’m looking for a lost diamond….searching high and low and all the places in between. It’s become an habit; a second nature for me. I’ve often gotten laughs and stares from people wondering what I’m taking photos of when I’m up close and personal with a wall or pointing my camera at the sidewalk. Such things often go unnoticed by the general city passerby (for reason, I suppose). Even while driving my car, I’m taking mental notes of places that I need to revisit on foot with camera in hand.

I’d never really thought of Olde City (one of the most historical centers of Philadelphia) as a place where I’d like to take photos. Generally, we think of the tourist area where things are kept all tidy, sterile, and perfect. However, the gallery lined streets in this area have proven me wrong. While out running some errands earlier in the week, I decided to take a new route on a whim. I parked my car in Olde City near the art galleries under the Ben Franklin Bridge. I walked only a few blocks…did my errands…and then walked the few blocks back on the other side of the same street. Within that short walk, I shot 100 photos. Of course, some were duplicates to ensure proper exposure. But most were all single photos of different textures. Grungy walls where posters once hung, stains from old coffee spills on the sidewalk, remnants of old graffiti (and new), and so much more. I was impressed.